Cacao investment

Your green investment in cacao

A very simple investment

Your participation in a cacao farm is very easy. For 1.950 euro you receive 350 cacao trees. This is the minimum amount, which you can extend if desired. All purchased cacao trees will become your property through a certified notarial contract.

You do not have to wait for a long time

The first fruits appear in less than two years. So minimal though, that one cannot speak of a profitable harvest. The start-off is at the end of the third year, in consistency with your payouts. Cacao trees of the new generation (UF18, BR25, W10 etc.) make two harvests possible annually with a total of six kilograms of wet cacao beans – with good qualified management as precondition. If the return is higher, which we aim at through professional management, we are all pleased.

Further Information:

More about the skill of cacao farming

Repayment rates

For the duration of 15 years you receive your share from the harvest, starting with 100 euro plus 130 euro on your capital, as shown in the column ‘Garantierte Gewinne’ in the table below. With the minimum guaranteed return you already achieve 5,20 percent green interest rates.

You can consider the ‘Prognostizierte Auszahlungen’ in the right column as assured. For your social investment you can count accordingly with 8,00 percent and more. From the chart you additionally read that your investment is annually repaid in equal shares. In short: you can nearly double your investment and give a lot of people decently paid – and socially just jobs.


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