Frequently asked questions

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We would like to give you an answer to frequently asked questions

Is an investment reliable?

Yes! But every investment carries risks. The profits, for instance, may turn out to be smaller if there is a drop in demand or if wages increase by leaps and bounds. According to reliable estimates of experts, however, the demand for wood, especially hardwood, will continue to rise in the next years. We regard a return of investment therefore as a given.

Are the profits as indicated realistic?

Yes! The unusual aspect is the cost-effective entry. The organizational structures at Mama Earth are flat and we work very effectively due to the well-balanced Farmers Program. On these grounds we are able to offer seedlings at a significantly lower price than similar projects. A good profit stems almost inevitably from a low purchase price.

Does the planting program reach the people?

Yes! As a matter of fact, very much. What makes the Mama Earth Program unique is that the farmers, who are our partners, receive 50 % of the timber yield. In this way, local people are really sustainably supported. The wood also remains on the local market. The impacts on natural forests are thus reduced.

Can I expect a quick return on investment?

Yes and no at the same time. For cacao, the repayments start from the third year onwards. Trees need more time in order to develop a reasonable and profitable trunk, even under the best possible conditions. For mahogany trees it takes 12 – , for teak trees even 15 years. A quick profit with wood is therefore not possible. However, we are currently developing a ‘tree retail’ (online from October 2016 onwards). You are able to offer your trees there if you would like to opt out earlier, or look for trees if you prefer a shorter term.

Do I receive a tax-deductible donation receipt?

No, donations are not tax-deductible because the Foundation does not have a corporate seat in Germany. Purchased goods are tax-deductible. Those who buy trees, wine boxes or bags to be given away to co-workers or customers, for instance, can set off these costs as gratuities against tax liability, up to an amount of 35 euro.

How does a wood investment proceed in practice?

You tell us the desired amount of trees, whereby the minimum amount of trees consists of 200 for mahogany and 150 for teak. After a down payment of 3 euro per tree we need:
• Your complete address with zip code.
• Your date of birth.
• Your marital status (married / divorced etc.). If married, name of spouse.
• One or two heirs, each with date of birth.
• A copy of identification card or passport (scan per e-mail or copy to the office).

Based on this information we make a notarial contract in PDF format which we send to you per e-mail for verification purposes. The purchased trees are already mentioned in the notarial contract. Once all the information is correct, the contract will be distributed six times by postal mailing. All six copies must be signed and sent to Hamburg.

• You will receive one contract back after it has been notarized.
• The notary deposits two contracts at the court.
• Two contracts are archived by the notary (you will find the address with e-mail address in the contract).
• One agreement is archived by Mama Earth Foundation.

After approximately 6 weeks you will receive your notarized contract per post. After that you have two weeks in order to pay the remaining sum. The contract is legally valid after the money transfer is completed.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.