Experience nature up close

Support Mama Earth with your energy!


Accompany our foresters

We welcome volunteers from all over the world.
The support site is not just a walk. Especially in the mountains, the change of tropical temperatures and cold winds are not always pleasant at night. The plantations take place there, where endemic trees are needed. Life is very simple; often we just stay in tents overnight. We plant in warm regions, directly by the sea, too. A good physical condition and knowledge of English are required. All fees (arrival, meals, etc.) are carried by yourself, but we help you with planning.
The journey is worth it, because you learn very much about the country, people, the heartfelt hospitality of the Filipinos and working for the nature.

What is the added value?

You can help nature to regenerate itself.
You’ll learn how important it is to plant the right type of tree in the right position.
If its mangroves, which are on top of the importance of the rainforest, or endemic trees, which enlarge the green lung of the Earth. You will see the earth with new eyes after visiting us.

Possible projects

Endemic trees


Tree control

Support us by planting the seedlings. The plantations are held throughout the year.
The seedlings are used in our nurseries and are planted by volunteers (pupils, students, etc.).

Also here we plant year-round, but always only per day in a month. The free days can be used perfectly for trips or lounging on the beach.

We regularly check our commercially planted mahogany and teak trees. Join our team to the farms and experience heavy work every day!

Das sagen Unterstützer

How can I help?

Step 1: Contact us!

Write us with the form in which field you want to work, who you are and which experiences you have!

Step 2: Checking and processing

We process your concern and look where we can employ you. We can’t just plant all year long; we have to watch over the seedlings to. Thus we have plenty of tasks.

Step 3: Confirmation

After we checked our status, we contact you with the details. At the same time we give you some suggestions about possible flights, transfers and hotels.

Step 4: Welcome to Mama Earth

You travel to the specified time to us and we would like to welcome you the Mama Earth family.