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One of 5.000.000

The objective of this worldwide unique planting campaign is to plant 5 million trees on Mindanao / Philippines. It is important for us to guarantee a high level of transparency to the donor of a tree.
How can that be achieved? Each tree which has been planted by us is photographed with its coordinates. Consequently, it will not happen that two trees show the same coordinates! That way you are absolutely sure that the tree depicted on the photograph is one and the same tree that we planted for you. If you enter the coordinates on the photo in Google Earth you fly to your tree. Our foresters and their assistants look after the trees for three years; afterwards survival of the tree should be assured.

Help the forest to help itself

Forester and book author Peter Wohlleben sums it up: „Wälder gedeihen am besten ohne menschliche Eingriffe. (Forests thrive best without human intervention).“ Where there is no forest though, trees are the first requirement. We plant them for you. Especially in those areas where timber companies have wrought havoc in the past, but also at ecologically important junctions. Your trees will grow in the Davao region. That is where amongst others species the Philippine eagle – the biggest in the world – urgently needs habitat. In cooperation with the Philippine environmental authority, the Department for Environmental and Natural Resources (DENR), we plant exclusively endemic trees, thus trees which are not chopped down for commercial timber.

Pflanzung eines myTree Baums

The planting of one of the myTree trees

4 steps towards your tree

Step 1 - Choose product

From the shop below you choose between a single tree or a tree in combination with an individually printed bag.

Step 2 - Pay en check e-mail

After the payment with PayPal, or after the incoming payment by transfer, we will activate your order. You will then immediately receive an e-mail with a link in order to print your tree! Yipieh!

Step 3 - Download photo

You can download the photo onto your hard disk by right-clicking your mouse. On the picture you see the coordinates of your tree which you can enter in Google Earth in order to find the exact planting location.

Optional step 4 - Wait for mail

If you have opted for the combination with bag, this will now be provided with the coordinates of your tree. This is sent by regular mail. Please note that the bag is shipped from the Philippines and will thus be under way for a while.

If you would like us to plant a larger number of trees on your behalf, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our planting locations

640 trees Montfort Bat Cave / Samal Island | Status: completed

2,5 million bats live in the caves of the Montfort-Farm. They are a tourist attraction but they have an ecologically indispensible task as well: during their nocturnal activity the bats pollinate the fruit trees, especially durian trees. After counts of an American scientist the caves of Samal Island shelter the world’s largest colony and were therefore incorporated in the ‘Guinness Book of Records’.

640 doanted / 640 to reach

3700 trees Marhalika / Marilog / Davao | Status: 162

The municipality of Marhalika is located at 1.200 meters above sea level, approximately 140 kilometers away from Davao City. The morning sun is often obscured by fog banks and temperatures drop vigorously during the nights. From time immemorial the land belongs to the Matigsalug Tribe In the first phase we plant 3,700 endemic trees in order to connect existing patches of woodland: yakal, white and red lauan and baliti. The region of Marhalika is the natural habitat of these trees, but also for thePhilippine Eagle that prefers to nest in the first three trees mentioned.

162 donated / 3700 to reach

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