Change through trade

Improve the world with concrete projects

Wandel durch Handel

By choosing a supported project the consumer defines specifically how the world looks like. Thereby you can choose between social projects and investments in the sectors teak, mahogany and cacao.


Nature protection combined with investment? Since many years, we successfully offer investment in the sectors mahogany, teak and cacao.

Concrete projects instead of donations

We sell concrete products since many years. If you buy a tree or a bag, you receive a precise counter value.


Transparency is the top priority with regard to environmental protection in conjunction with investment. Therefore, we would like to convince you of our work and to generate enthusiasm for our aspirations, on our website as well as in direct conversation.

Social projects

Our social projects are not merely based on reforestation. They are accompanied by fundamental information. We support local communities; from the provision of school supplies about activities concerning the appropriate way of dealing with nature up to the assembly of greenhouses. By networking with other organizations (Maharlika Charity Foundation) we can, for instance, enable our partners minor operations without charge.

Download our brochure as a PDF file: Mama Earth booklet

For over 25 years now

Against drift-net fishing and fur trade up to afforestation

For already over 25 years now, Mama Earth exists as a registered association.

In the early years our main commitment focused on the cessation of drift-net fishing,, fur trade and factory farming. In the course of this we did not raise an accusatory finger but went to the people, farmers and fishermen to raise their awareness. Notwithstanding the fact that this was a tiresome job, it had been worthwhile.

Within the scope of our project to distribute the solar cooker SK 16 (nowadays parabola cooker 100) we were able to get into direct contact with the global timber scarcity and the alarming deforestation rate. These insights and experiences have significantly changed the objective of the organization.

Since then we have been concentrating entirely on reforestation and simultaneously providing support to the people on the spot. For nature conservation and economic development are not mutually exclusive. Our first project was the successful planting of over one million mangroves. In the process our foresters have worked hand in hand with the local rural population.

Based on this success other tree projects were added – also commercial projects. Nowadays we offer a sophisticated investment package in the areas of teak, mahogany and cacao.

For more than three years now, the association is a foundation and currently pushes towards further afforestation, such as the major ‘myTree-Project’.

Again, we do not simply call for donations, like so many organizations. With a mere donation, the question of how and where the money is being spent is usually based upon a sheer relationship of trust towards the organization. Whether the money actually arrives there and how many percent is invested in internal structures and publicity of the organization are the driving and remaining questions.

Therefore, at Mama Earth we always offer support for a concrete project. If, for instance, you buy a tree at ‘myTree’, you receive the exact coordinates of your tree on a photograph and you can see the location with Google Earth. After entering the coordinates, Google Maps will directly lead you to your tree.

What makes an investment at Mama Earth special

Every tree counts

We have already planted many thousands of trees, but we have counted the ones listed below.

Teak trees
Cacao trees
Mahogany trees

Selected projects

Veggie House

Our project ‘Veggie House’ (Gemüsehaus) is still in a testing phase. The cultivation of local vegetables is carried out in a simple manner underneath an UV resistant plastic tarpaulin and a bamboo framework (hydroponic). The plants grow in bamboo sticks which are cut in half and filled with river sand and rice straw. Through this runs a nutritive solution. A ‘house’ of 300 square meters can, in the long run, guarantee sufficient income for up to three families.

Books and learning material

There is no point in criticizing children about always playing with their cell phone if there are no other forms of entertainment available. The cell phone becomes quickly uninteresting if children have books at their disposal. We are, therefore, occasionally financing the purchase of books and other learning material. You are most welcome to contact us if you want to spend English books, or if you have learning material.

donate books

Shopping bags

Our Livelihood-Project ‘Einkaufstaschen’ (shopping bags) is running very successfully. Rettet den Regenwald is our major customer. We sell the recycled bags even in the Philippines. Meanwhile, some mayors’ offices (Barangayen) use the bags in order to show their fellow citizens that everyone can prepare for shopping and does not have to carry everything home in plastic bags. We finance our mangrove plantings in 2016 with the shopping bags.

Buy bags

Giant Forest (2017/2018)

The project ‘Riesenwald’ (Giant Forest) is in preparation. At the start, 70 hectares should be planted with 1.000 toog trees. Every tree receives two endemic partners. A mixed forest which has no equivalent elsewhere! Only when at least 1.000 giant trees show their full splendor in 150 years have we achieved our goal. There is more information coming soon.

The Team of Mama Earth

Board of directors of Mama Earth

Curtny Kronberg
Vice President and Administrative Director. Enderun, Manila
Ulrich Kronberg
Senior President, Publisher and Journalist of Palstek Verlag, Hamburg

Ma Rheoleen D. Espanola
Secretary, responsible for internal sequences, written submissions etc.
Mary Mina F. Remis
Director, responsible for local authorities and official bodies
Michelle C. Centino
Treasurer, responsible for finances
Peter Reger
Peter Reger - Executive Director Mama Earth Germany

Clerical staff


Michelle C. Centino
Elvera Reyes
Farm- and Project-Management


Mark Joseph Ibabao
Graduate in Forestry, Manager of the Reforestation Program and of the team
James Caligbus
Graduate in Forestry
Elton Jay Amila
Graduate in Forestry

On our farms


Welfredo Abarico
Coordinator and Supervisor of the Mangrove Programs
Ronnie Pana und Jonar Pana
Monitoring Team 1 for the Mahogany and Teak-Program
Marjun Romula und Danila Fernandez
Monitoring Team 2 for the Mahogany and Teak-Program

The cacao farms of Mama Earth

Mama Earth-Farm in Monkayo

This farm is only three kilometers bee-line away from the first one and also situated along a road. Not an insignificant aspect for after planting comes the harvest and the transport routes should therefore be short. The beans have to be delivered fresh in order to generate class A. Simultaneously we plant at those farmers who have joined our cacao program. These farmers are constantly monitored by Mama Earth as well. Ms. cacao doctor Evengelyn is responsible for this.