One tree says more than 1.000 words

For 4,50 Euro, you can buy a tree from the Mama Earth foundation. You receive a photo with its individual coordinates as a download link. Use it as a birthday or Christmas present or give it to your colleagues or clients. Like this you support the world-wide unparalleled planting campaign myTree. You can also buy some tree cards for yourself to improve your personal CO2 balance. Our planet benefits from each tree.

What makes myTree special?

Mama Earth returns endemic trees into the wild and takes a photo of each tree while planting. Each photo shows the tree’s coordinates in the top area. This makes our plantations more transparent, because each planted tree has different coordinates. So there is only one tree photo for each tree! With this, we want to achieve total transparency as with our other campaigns. The owner can enter the coordinates in Google Earth and ‘fly’ to his tree.

Project description ‚Wild forest‘

The ‘Wild forest‘ project covers over 100 hectares and is planted with approximately 65.000 different trees, which are mixed to the specifications of nature. The project is under the patronage of the Philippine Department of Environmental and Natural Resources (DENR) and has the highest protection status as a water protection area.
We are planting since mid-2017. Several of the 23 trees species are already on the Red List. To accelerate the settlement of birds and animals, various trees including the Baliti trees (common red stem fig) are planted, which attract monkeys and birds with their red seeds. From 2019 on, wild cocoa plants are also part of the program, the favorite food of different wild cats.
The planted trees are taken care of by foresters for three years and after that are left to themselves. They should grow together into a ‘wild forest’.

What kind of trees are getting planted?

In the program myTree we only plant trees that are not intended for commercial logging. Of the almost 20 different species, many are already on the Red List. Cutting them down is prohibited and will be prosecuted.