We plant 1.200.000 mangroves, thereby making a huge contribution to the domestic flora and fauna!

Nature’s deep wound

The Davao Gulf cuts deep into the eastern side of the island Mindanao / Philippines. Its water surface is more than twelve times as large as the Bodensee. The huge bay supplied more than three million people with fish to eat. This is not possible anymore for a number of reasons. It was only a decade ago that mangroves were thoughtlessly cut down. The thicker branches were used as construction timber because the salt-soaked wood is very pest resistant, the thinner roots were processed as charcoal. Not only a local biotope perishes without mangroves, but the breeding grounds for fish become sparse as well.

Meanwhile mangroves are protected by nature protection legislation because they are the most important ecosystem in the world, besides the rainforest. Mangroves protect coasts and reefs and are also an indispensable breeding ground for fish.

The fish stocks have diminished dramatically because of the overexploitation of mangroves, but also because of big fishing trawlers which, among other species, hunt tuna at the entrance of the Gulf. The amount of fishing trawlers decreases because the nets are catching less fish.

Mama Earth provides on-site help

Mama Earth engages there where it comes down to improve the supply conditions of local residents in the future and is planting mangroves for over a decade. There are more than 1,5 million mangroves needed, based on the estimations of the local environmental authority (DENR). The goal has nearly been reached. Mangroves, which for the most part have been donated by Regenwald e.V., the UmweltBank and numerous people, are growing once again into dense mangrove belts. Thank you.

Current state of donations

1.025.000 donated / 1.200.000 to reach

Our planting program is proceeding well. Until June 2016 we could plant 90% of the total amount of mangroves that we want to reach, thanks to your help. For just 20 euro we can rear and plant 80 mangroves. Meanwhile there are enough tree nurseries established around the Gulf of Davao in order to release seedlings year-round.

20 euro = 80 mangroves
50 euro = 200 mangroves
100 euro = 400 mangroves