Vegetables are expensive in some provinces of Mindanao, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the soil is unsuitable for cultivation, or the cultivation is very unprofessional. At times it is raining heavily and few days afterwards the sun burns relentlessly. Although the tropical climate makes trees grow well, it is a strain for delicate vegetable roots. Vegetables grow very well in the mountain regions, but then transportation increases the price of the goods.


Mama Earth builds ‘Veggie Houses’ which eliminate quite a number of the disadvantages highlighted above and which prevent transportation costs. With a total surface area of 300 square meters, these hydroponic houses are constructed of bamboo as well as the tables on which the different local vegetables grow. The roof consists of UV resistant tarpaulin which not only blocks the rain but also filters the sun. Since the plants grow in a mixture of river sand and rice hull, the soil condition does not have to be taken into consideration. A special mixture diluted with water is added to the plants in order to supply the plants with nutrients.


In up to 60 ‘Pflanzhalbrohren’ (bamboo sticks which are cut in half) a ‘Veggie House’ can supply many kilograms of vegetables on a weekly basis and ensure three families with an income. Our ‘show house’ will become operational soon. That it works is without question since we underwent training in Marahan / Marilog. Savory tomatoes and even strawberries grow over there. We will do our best to keep you updated.


Our project ‘Veggie House’ (Gemüsehaus) has made good progress. The cultivation of local vegetables is carried out in a simple manner underneath an UV resistant plastic tarpaulin and a bamboo framework (hydroponic). The plants grow in bamboo sticks which are cut in half and filled with river sand and rice straw. Through this runs a nutritive solution. A ‘house’ of 300 square meters can, in the long run, guarantee sufficient income for up to three families.

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